It was a stirring October evening in NYC. Winter was upon them, but hope and passion burned in the hearts of all. Everyone knew something big was about to happen, and the anticipation was surging through the city like an electrical current. Then something transpired, the Yankees won the World Series, and the city exploded in celebration. With dreams materializing and spirits soaring, the stage was finally set for my original grand entrance. It was my first, and in many ways, my greatest performance.

I am a graduate of the School for Film & Television and the Deena Levy Theater School. My most recent performances have been in various short films and NYU grad projects, as well as on numerous stages throughout the city. I performed at the Manhattan Rep Theater in DNA Dating, a hilarious look at the tragic state of relationships in modern society. Also, I did a sketch comedy show at Comix about the hijinks of celebrity called the S.M.U.T. Show. I played Brad Pitt and David Hasselhoff, it was amazing. However, comedy is new to me, and although very fun to do, it was through roles such as Romeo and John Proctor in the Crucible that I discovered the depth and diversity of my craft.

Coming from a background in dance and gymnastics I began performing with Anti-Gravity, a group of elite acro-performers, on a life-changing job. In a dramatically choreographed production, 8 of us repelled off the roof of Rockefeller Center in NYC for the premier of Spider Man 3. This stunt led to my working with Cirque Du Soleil, definitely a dream come true. These skills, along with my martial arts training, helped me book my next exciting role, playing James Bond in a Coke Zero commercial. It was an honor for me to perform at Barak Obama’s Neighborhood Inaugural Ball alongside such talent as Sting, Stevie Wonder and Beyonce, to be a part of such a historic moment gives me much pride.

Also a screenwriter, photographer, director and editor, I keep myself deeply involved in the art of filmmaking and am always looking to further my knowledge and scope.

The son of two psychiatrists, I was exposed at an early age to the various sentiments of the human psyche. This prepared me for the time I spent working in a center for at-risk teen’s, an experience which has rewarded me in many ways, not the least of which being a vast reserve of experience I am able to draw inspiration and strength from. In many ways my desire to be an actor is in hope to honor those who don’t get the chance to express themselves, to be a voice for the silenced.